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Geller Tamayo, LLC

Personal Injury Attorney In Martin And St. Lucie County, FL

Geller Tamayo, LLC – Here To Make You Whole After An Accident In Martin And St. Lucie Counties, FL

There is often no greater time of need than in the days, months, and years following a serious personal injury or the tragic wrongful death of a loved one. Geller Tamayo, LLC, is committed to helping personal injury victims and their families collect the compensation they deserve in their time of need. We practice exclusively in the area of personal injury law to best serve our clients.

The path to financial, emotional, and physical recovery after an accident can be extremely challenging for victims and their families. It’s a path that you should not have to walk alone if you’ve been injured or have suffered the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence. The personal injury attorneys at Geller Tamayo have the experience and knowledge needed to build strong and successful cases against those who have caused injury and harm. With decades of combined skills, proficiency, and in-depth insight, our professional legal team at Geller Tamayo, LLC, will work to secure just and fair compensation for you.

Our Practice Areas

Auto Accidents

The roads in Florida have become increasingly dangerous. Our personal injury attorneys are well-versed in local traffic laws and are unafraid to go up against the big insurance companies on your behalf if you’ve been injured in an auto accident, a trucking and commercial vehicle accident, or a collision involving a truck, bus, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, ATV, or Uber/Lyft.

Slip-And-Falls And Swimming Pool Injuries

With the number of pools in Florida, slip-and-falls and swimming pool injuries occur every day. The personal injury attorneys at Geller Tamayo can evaluate your case and consider all of the factors involving your accident to determine how to best move forward to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries involving a wet or uneven floor or a swimming pool.

Aviation Accidents

Our attorneys at Geller Tamayo also specialize in areas of personal injury that few other lawyers practice, including aviation accidents. If you’ve survived some type of accident or if you’ve lost a loved one in a fatal plane crash, our aviation accident lawyer knows what evidence to look for, how to preserve critical flight information, and how to prove that the pilot or owner of the plane was at fault in order to secure full compensation for our clients.

In addition to pilot error, aviation accidents are often caused by manufacturing defects, design defects, negligent maintenance and upkeep, crew error, air traffic control negligence, and safety violations. It’s important to consult with an attorney who has the experience and resources needed to investigate and handle this type of personal injury case.

If you’ve suffered from negligence in the aviation industry, we vow to hold the people responsible for your loss accountable and, for those who’ve lost family members, to honor the memory of your loved one killed in such a senseless tragedy. Our South Florida airplane accident lawyer is here to guide you through the legal process toward a financial recovery to help you move forward.

In addition to the above areas, our personal injury experts also handle cases involving maritime accidents, cruise ship injuries, jet ski and boat injuries, train accidents, Federal Employer’s Liability Act injuries, nursing home neglect and abuse claims, medical malpractice claims, premise liability, construction and workplace accidents, product liability claims, and serious dog bites.

If you or a loved one has experienced any type of personal injury or loss due to someone else’s negligence, it’s important to enlist the assistance of an experienced attorney. Geller Tamayo can help you pursue the liable party (whether that’s another person, company, or entity) for losses and damages, regardless of whether the act or negligence was intentional.

Legal Guidance For Securing Fair Compensation And Restoring Justice

Geller Tamayo, LLC, is a results-driven boutique law firm that provides the insight and trial experience of top personal injury lawyers. Our car, truck, boat, and airplane crash attorneys Adam Geller and Pablo Tamayo are here to answer all of your questions, explain your rights to you, and provide you with the information you need to make informed, confident decisions for you and your family moving forward. We have experience with all types of injury and accident cases.

We strive to obtain the best possible outcome for each and every injured client who trusts us with their recovery. We’re committed to making you whole after tragedy strikes. Our lawyers for plane crashes, auto accidents, and premise liability cases will be your seasoned and devoted advocates in and out of the courtroom.

We are proud to serve Martin County and St. Lucie County, as well as all of South Florida. Schedule your personalized case evaluation now.

Geller Tamayo, LLC

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