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“Very professional all Attorneys that were involve in my case always called me back a very responsible Firm I made an excellent decision to Hire this firm Love them and would recommend them to family and friends with no Doubt. Excellent!!!! Awesome Attorneys.”Sandra P.

“Everyone was the best. The best decision I ever made.”Robert C.

“Pablo is amazing. Extremely professional and personable and cares about his clients. He took care of my case from start to finish and kept me posted with updates as they occurred and most importantly, he got my case dismissed. I highly recommended him.”A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Tamayo did an exceptional job in explaining the legal process and what to expect every step of the way. I felt that our case was in the hands of a true professional and competent attorney and would highly recommend Mr. Tamayo to all family, friends, and business associates.”Mercy

“Pablo is an excellent legal professional, assisted me in navigating a very difficult and technical situation efficiently so I could move forward to resolve. Would highly recommend him to others.”Thomas

“Thank you, Adam, Pablo, and the rest of the office for your great work. The office went above and beyond for me and I really appreciate it. I highly recommend Your office to anyone that would need your services. Thank you again.”R T

“They are the most honest attorneys I ever hired. They take their time to explain everything with calm and giving eye contact. They always respond email in a timely manner. I recommend them 100%”Veronica F.

“Extremely contented with my results and experiences with this Firm. They got me real results when I was represented. Would definitely, use Geller Tamayo LLC law firm for future endeavors and also would refer them to anyone who is looking for a lawyer to represent them. Thanks Again for your awesome service.”A Satisfied Client

“Very professional and easy to use. Affordable most of the time.”Marc J.

“Excellent level of service. Adam and his team the best in South Florida.”Benjamin S.

“Awesome! My husband got a ticket and Adam Geller did a great job. He handled the whole thing and got the case dismissed with no points, school, or fines. Really impressed- especially since he handled all the details. I will definitely refer Adam for cases in the future.”Arielle H.

“Adam is a man of integrity who cares deeply about his friends and clients, and always endeavors to do his best by them.”Barbara S.

“This firm was professional, caring, and dedicated to helping resolve every legal matter in the most efficient way.”Shezan M.

“This law firm is completely dedicated to getting the very best results for its clients! Excellent!”Alex G.

“Very humble and Caring and always Adds Value to Others 10+.”
Luis A.

“Great lawyer! I highly recommend the services of Adam Geller!”Ray R.

“The best around. Dedicated, honest, and gets things done!”Maylin N.

“So far the best attorney I have worked with. On-point and takes care of business. Thanks, Adam.”Alex G.

“Adam Geller did things I didn’t think possible. I had insane traffic issues that haunted me for years and in no time Adam Geller fixed them. Now that I know how he works all of my legal stuff goes to him.”Chad C.

“I have known Mr. Geller for many years and I highly recommend him. His intelligence, intensity and most of all his integrity make him the finest lawyer I know. He will fight for you and get you the best result possible.”Larry S.

“I’ve referred Adam numerous cases over the past few years. He’s done an excellent job. I would continue using his office in the future.”Shaya M.

“Adam is a professional and will represent your case with special care specific to your needs.”Adrienne

“Mr. Geller did an amazing job, I recommend for anyone who needs a great traffic lawyer. Will for sure come again, if I ever have another traffic issue. Thanks again.”Giovanni

“Adam has always been great with my traffic violation cases. There have been a few times I’ve received citations and license suspension notifications and I wasn’t even aware of the infraction. He’s always handled my business quickly and professionally. He keeps me posted on what is being done and what I need to do, and he’s done such a good job that I come to him exclusively for these matters. I recommend his firm and his services to everyone in need in the South Florida area.”Joe