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Personal Injury Law FirmWhile it may be true that no amount of legal action can erase the damage and pain an accident has caused you, a skilled personal injury attorney can at least fight to secure you the financial resources and support you need—and, as the victim, you deserve—to move forward with your life.

We are Geller Tamayo, LLC, a small personal injury law firm founded to serve South Florida, and our mission is to help make you whole after you’ve been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. Attorney Pablo Tamayo and Attorney Adam Geller strive to obtain the best possible outcome for each and every injured client we represent.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured, hiring an experienced and dedicated personal injury attorney can make all of the difference in your recovery. Let Geller Tamayo, LLC, help you in your time of need.

Personalized Representation after a Vehicular Accident

Every vehicular accident is different. A personal injury attorney needs to understand the legal nuances involved in different types of accidents to best represent their clients and secure them the compensation they need from the at-fault party. Truck and tractor trailer accidents, for example, are best handled by an attorney who understands the complicated body of federal regulations that govern certain types of vehicles and the ensuing insurance coverage issues.

Accidents involving motorcycles face a different set of insurance issues. The state of Florida’s Personal Injury Insurance Protection (PIP) does not cover motorcycles, only vehicles with four wheels. Motorcyclists who are injured may struggle to pay costly medical bills. A knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer can help victims of two-wheeled accidents explore their options for pursuing compensation to cover medical bills and other losses.

No matter what type of vehicles were involved in your accident, it’s important to contact a lawyer who understands the legal issues of your case as quickly as possible.

DUI Accident Experts

The state of Florida has harsh penalties for people who choose to get behind the wheel while they are intoxicated; drunk driving accidents often combine civil and criminal law as victims pursue compensation from someone who recklessly broke the law and caused harm. If you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, you need a DUI accident lawyer to help you recover.

The path to financial, emotional, and physical recovery can be particularly challenging for victims of drunk driving accidents and their families. At Geller Tamayo, LLC, our drunk driving accident lawyer has the skills and experience needed to aggressively pursue legal action against the responsible and criminally negligent driver.

Higher Success Rates. Favorable Compensation Awards. Diligent Attorneys.

Geller Tamayo, LLC, is a boutique law firm with a professional and compassionate legal team dedicated to obtaining the best possible outcomes for our clients. While knowledge and experience are critical to building strong cases against those who have caused harm to others, it’s equally important for personal injury attorneys and their staff to offer understanding and trustworthy legal counsel to victims and their families during the difficult period after an accident.

We offer an empathetic shoulder to support our clients while we aggressively pursue damages from the people who wronged them. Attorneys Pablo Tamayo and Adam Geller, both seasoned advocates in the courtroom, have the resources, tools, and expertise needed to go up against the big insurance companies and secure fair compensation.

Geller Tamayo is proud to serve the Florida Keys, Florida. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and get on the road to recovery.

Geller Tamayo, LLC

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