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There are many factors that contribute to the amount of financial recovery that one can receive. For example, you might make a demand against the other party’s insurance, and their limit is $50,000. Your medical costs are over $50,000 and the other party’s insurance company doesn’t tender their full policy of $50,000, then you can go to court. There is Bad Faith Litigation. If you go to trial and get a verdict for over the policy limits, then the other party’s insurance company could be held for the total amount of the verdict. In other words, if there was a verdict for $100,000, with the policy limits is only of $50,000, they could be responsible for that $100,000 and attorney’s fees.

In another example, imagine that the insurance company gives you the $50,000. The other person’s insurance policy tenders at $50,000 and you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. You may be entitled to go after your own uninsured motorist policy, if the $50,000 policy limits from the other party’s bodily injury policy is not sufficient to cover for your damages. This is why you have uninsured motorists covered.

Is It Okay To Leave The Scene Of The Accident If Only Minor Injuries Were Sustained?

No, it is not ever okay to leave the scene of the accident. It is required by law to report. Call the police and wait on the scene until they arrive. At that point, you can exchange your insurance information, vehicle information, etc. In some situations, it may actually be against the law to leave the scene

Is There A Need To See A Doctor If I Feel Okay After An Accident?

If something does not feel right or if there is some level of discomfort or even mild pain, you should always be evaluated by a doctor. The worst thing you can do is to let something linger, and then a month later realize that you have some type of serious injury. That could be an issue for several different reasons.

The Personal Injury Protection Laws, PIP require you to see a medical doctor within a very specific amount of time. If you do not see a doctor within the appropriate time, then you waive your right to receive that type of benefit for your medical costs. If you wait a significant period of time before you get treatment, then the reality is that the insurance company that you are bringing a claim against is not likely to believe that you are seriously injured. However insignificant any pain might be, it is best to get a medical evaluation by a doctor, in order to protect yourself.

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