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Train Accident Lawyer Florida KeysMany people are familiar with the long waits at railroad crossings and the frustration of watching the gates close. However, many people are unfamiliar with the staggering abundance of train accidents and collisions that occur every year. Especially in Florida, where many people choose to commute on trains, these collisions and accidents can cause severe injury or harm to those in the struck vehicle, along with the passengers in the train.

However, while train accidents are relatively uncommon compared to the statistics of vehicle accidents of other forms, it does not make the impact of the few that occur any less critical. In the Florida keys, it is not unheard of that people find themselves in the way of a moving locomotive. If you or a loved one was a passenger on the train or were struck by one, you may be entitled to collect damages for the injuries and damage to your property that were sustained.

While train accidents can occur for many reasons, some of the most common has to do with either employee or mechanical failure. Therefore, whether you experienced a track failure, a wrong signal from a signalman, or any number of other issues, it is critical to find a Railroad Injury Attorney to assist in your claim. It can often be challenging to bring a compelling case against a train company, as a team of high-powered attorneys and experienced employees will be there in their stead.

To best prepare for this endeavor, finding a team of attorneys with experience in not only the area but the locale of your accident is crucial. The knowledge of the region and train companies that operate in it can make a difference in your case. When working with Geller Tamayo, LLC, you will be equipped with decades of experience working with clients in the Florida Keys and a stellar track record for success.

Aside from the typically massive conglomerates that are the train companies, you will also face their insurance company. This is a critical component of the process to remember, as insurance companies are in the business of making money and holding onto as much of it as possible. So, not only will many teams of lawyers be working against you, but they will throw every trick in the book at your claim in an attempt to devalue it.

During this stage of the process, it is important to remember that they are not your friend, though they may act like it in an attempt to trick you into sipping up. This is why it is imperative to seek the services of a Train Accident Lawyer as soon as possible after the incident.

With the help of Geller Tamayo, LLC, in the Florida Keys on your side, you can rest assured knowing that you have the proper counsel on your side to advise you on the common mistakes to avoid, alongside the endurance to carry you through to the end of the quite arduous process ahead. With the support of an experienced legal team on your side, your rights will be preserved throughout every step of the process, and you will not have to endure the cruel tactics used by the train company and insurance agencies.

Suppose you have been in a train accident, even if you believe your injuries are minor or unproblematic. In that case, it is critical to be examined by a medical professional as soon as possible. One of the strategies used by insurance companies will be to call the severity of your injures into question. A tactic used to do this is to point out a long duration between the accident and the time at which you sought medical advice. If an individual waits too long, it can seem as though they are not in as much pain as they claim. This is one of many pieces of advice that will be given when consulting with the professionals at Geller Tamayo, LLC, in the Florida Keys.

The first step is to schedule a personalized case evaluation as soon as possible to jumpstart the recovery process. During this consultation, we will discuss your circumstances, hopes, and goals for your recovery, as well as the strategy for success that is tailored for every client we work with.

Since train and insurance companies will stop at nothing to keep as much money lining their pockets as possible, the earlier you seek the help of an expert Railroad Injury Attorney, the better your chances at recovering the maximum amount of damages will be. Time is of the essence in cases of railroad accidents and personal injury cases in general, so don’t hesitate.

Leave your troubles in the expert hands of the team at Geller Tamayo, LLC, and get the peace of mind that only comes with knowing you are in the best situation possible, considering the circumstances.

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