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No matter who is responsible for the accident, if the other party doesn’t have insurance and you don’t have uninsured motorist coverage, it is essential to determine that as early as possible. The other party does not have insurance, so essentially, there won’t be a case if there is no insurance involved. In terms of a viable case, the first factor is always liability. If you are clearly at fault for the accident, you most likely will not have a claim for damages and bodily injury. On the damages aspect of it, if you aren’t injured, and you don’t have any documented injuries or treatment, you will also not have much of a case. You only have a case if you have damages, so if you are not injured, then there is no case. Plainly put, those are the elements when you are initially evaluating the case.

Why Would Someone Even Need An Attorney After A Vehicle Collison? Won’t Insurance Handle It Or Can I Handle It On My Own?

If you handle a claim on your own and the insurance takes care of everything, then the insurance will most likely take advantage of you or try and get out of the case as cheaply as possible. At Geller Tamayo, we are confident that we will get you the total value of your case, and if you don’t want to hire an attorney, that is your call. It is a significant increase in recovery percentage when you have an attorney representing you who knows what’s going on and knows what the insurance company is trying to do. It is always best to hire an attorney to guide you through the process and that understands the value of your case and understands what you should and should not be doing. It will help you tremendously obtain your case’s total value based on your injuries and your accident.

Insurance companies are not looking out for your best interest, even if they try to make you think that they are. Therefore it is always beneficial to have an attorney advocating for you. They are just looking to save money, close claims, and minimize their exposure. When there is no one speaking up for the little guy, so to speak, they will fall short 100% of the time.

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Geller Tamayo, LLC

Call Now For A Personalized Case Evaluation
(954) 379-8030 | (786) 785-2555