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You should always contact the police from the scene, which will aid in the documentation for later in the process. Also, take any pictures of the car and injuries that you may have if you can. If you are injured, attempt to seek medical attention either at the hospital or from your doctor as soon as possible. Even if you don’t go to the hospital directly from the accident scene, it does not mean that you were not injured. If you have any stiffness or feel different from what you felt before the accident, it’s essential to get those checked out for your case.

How Important is It To Your Personal Injury Case That Medical Attention Is Sought Immediately After Being Injured In An Accident?

Along with the measures discussed previously, it is one of the most vital components of your claim. An essential thing in any injury case is that you get better and reach maximum medical recovery. You can’t do that unless you start the process and identify what the issues might be. Our purpose in that process is to help make you whole financially and get you compensated for what you went through and for what you might go through in the future. Seeking medical attention is the most important, followed by simultaneously contacting a lawyer to ensure you will not be taken advantage of by an insurance company.

What Information Should I Share With My Personal Injury Attorney Regarding My Car Wreck Case?

We have a questionnaire that goes through all of the critical information and asks for all the essential documents for the case. It includes the date to get a hold of the accident report and your insurance along with the other party’s. Those are going to be some of the most vital things on the front end. It is also important to have uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself if the other party doesn’t have insurance.

It is also important to record where you have sought medical care to remain in touch with the doctor’s office and ensure that we can have access to the medical records and track your injuries. One other thing is any prior accidents or damages would be vital for us to know from the beginning, for purposes of evaluating the case further long term.

Can The Police Report Help Or Hurt My Car Accident Injury Claim? Will My Attorney Have Access To Police Report Immediately Following The Accident?

It usually takes about a week or two for the accident report to become a public record where we can access it, download it, and put it in a file to review it. Suppose the accident report is written so that the other party is clearly at fault for the accident. In that case, that’s something that we will leverage to help make the case that the other party was responsible for the accident. However, sometimes the report is either poorly written, or improper due diligence was performed on the cause of the accident. Sometimes it will find that the client or the plaintiff was the one that was responsible for the accident even if that wasn’t the case. These are not fatal to the claim, but it is something that you’ll have to deal with because the insurance company will have the accident report in every case, and they are going to see how it’s written to use it to their full advantage. The report can help or hurt your case, but regardless, it can be bolstered or discredited later using witnesses and other resources.

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