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At Geller Tamayo, LLC, we are professionals who have been practicing this type of law for a long time. We know how to squeeze out the full value of these cases, and we know the “dos and do-nots.” As much as someone may think that liability is clear and that they can handle the case themselves, it’s never a good idea. Even if the insurance representative for the at-fault party is very sweet and says that they agree that liability is clear, providing them with a statement can change the strength of the liability in a heartbeat, and it will be forever documented.

Clients can be very sophisticated, but that doesn’t mean they have a law degree or the experience necessary to understand the ins and outs of how a personal injury claim is processed. We handle each step in the process in a strategic way. We send letters out with certain language for a reason, and we understand the value of cases.

An individual may have no idea what the true value of their case is, and as a result, might accept just a fraction of what they deserve. Occasionally, insurance companies will send people a check for about $5,000 or even less, because they will be nervous about their exposure, and will just want the client to sign a form releasing them from any further liability. Once that form has been signed, the individual will have waived their right to pursue further claims against the insurance company. Chances are, if an insurance company is sending you a check for $5,000 (or any amount) right after your accident, then your case is worth way more than that amount and they are trying to get off cheap you hire an attorney. It is never a good idea to try to process a personal injury claim without talking to an attorney.

What Sets Your Firm Apart In Handling Slip-And-Fall/Trip-And-Fall Cases In Florida?

We try to have a personal talk with every single client that comes through the door. There are certain things that a paralegal or our assistant can handle, but in every single case, Adam or I will be conducting a review of the documents and the details of the case. Clients will hear from their attorney directly, and will only occasionally hear from a paralegal or assistant who needs to process a document or obtain additional information. Clients are also able to text me or Adam whenever they want, as we want to maintain a direct line of communication with our clients.

Adam and I are always going to be the ones who are making the decisions with the client, talking with the insurance adjusters, and making recommendations to the client directly. This is one of the great benefits of having a boutique firm like us; clients will always be able to talk with their attorney directly. Clients appreciate this, and always indicate that they value the personal relationship they have with us. By the time the case is over, clients feel like family and are happy with the outcome—whether they settled pre-litigation or went all the way to trial—which is one reason we get so many referrals.

Our personal touch and open communication with clients is one of the main distinguishing factors between our firm and our competitors. Other firms might have the money to put advertisements on billboards and TV, but they won’t have the time to provide the same type of personal service that we provide at Geller Tamayo, LLC.

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Geller Tamayo, LLC

Call Now For A Personalized Case Evaluation
(954) 379-8030 | (786) 785-2555