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Slip-and-fall injuries are often caused by something on the floor (usually some type of substance) that causes someone to slip, lose their balance, and fall. There is a common pattern among these cases, which is that the injured party falls backwards after losing their footing. In many cases, the property owners or managers will have failed to take appropriate measures to prevent such accidents, such as by identifying and cleaning a spill in a timely manner.

In other cases, the surface itself will be slippery, and cause someone to lose their balance and fall. For example, the improper type of paint may have been used on the floor, or the floor might become particularly slippery when wet, and no warning signs will have been put up. Some slip-and-fall accidents occur in parking lots that have not been properly maintained, or in areas where an oil spill has created a slick surface.

Staircases can also be the site of slip or trip-and-fall accidents. For example, we recently handled a case that involved a client who slipped on a staircase that had no grip tape on one of the steps. This case involved a combination of negligence, (from failing to ensure that all steps had grip tape,) to allowing and a slippery surface on those same steps.

Every case is unique, but most of them boil down to there being a slippery surface which causes the client to fall and sustain an injury.

How Is A Slip-And-Fall Injury Related To Premises Liability Law?

A property owner has a duty to maintain reasonably safe conditions on the property. In other words, the owner of a premises must maintain that premises in a way that does not allow for a dangerous condition to be present on the property for any portion of time. Since many slip-and-fall accidents occur as the result of the property owner failing to live up to the standards required by premises liability law, the two areas of law are often connected.

What Are Some Common Injuries Resulting From Slip-And-Fall Accidents?

Various types of injuries can result from slip-and-fall accidents, including minor injuries like bruises, scrapes, or a sprained ankle, to more serious injuries, such as a bulging disc in the back, a broken hip, fractured vertebrae, ruptured ligaments, or even a traumatic head injury. Oftentimes, someone will not immediately realize the seriousness of his or her injuries because of the adrenaline or embarrassment of the accident and he or she will simply try to “walk it off,” only for their symptoms to emerge or worsen in the following days or weeks. It is difficult to predict exactly what will happen after a slip or trip-and-fall accident, and every case is different and unique, especially pertaining to the injuries sustained, so it is always advisable to speak with an attorney as soon as possible after the accident.

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