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Aside from preserving the scene, such as by taking photos right after the slip-and-fall event, the most important step in initiating a slip-and-fall injury claim in Florida is to report the injury to the owner or manager of the business where the incident occurred. Reporting the injury is important in showing that an accident did occur, and that injuries were sustained.

Once the client retains us, we always take over the additional steps. It is important to put the owner of the premises on notice that we will be representing the client who was injured, and that we believe the injury was the property owner’s fault. We will also assert our claim in terms of what caused the accident, and request that the owner of the property send documentation regarding the insurance policies. At that point, the owner of the property will get their insurance company involved, and we will begin communicating with the insurance company adjusters.

Initially, the at-fault party’s insurance company will start an investigation into the incident, which is a typical step in the early processing of a claim. These steps occur during the pre-suit phase, when the client is usually treating for their injuries and there is an open line of communication between our law firm and the at-fault party’s insurance company. From there, we will ensure that the claim is getting processed and that whoever is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the property preserves the scene, such as any available surveillance video that may have captured the actual accident. Taking all of these steps as early on in the process as possible will allow us to bring the strongest claim to the insurance company on behalf of the client.

Are Injured Persons Ever Hesitant To File A Claim Against Someone They Know? What Advice Would You Give To Someone In That Situation?

I have certainly dealt with clients who were hesitant to file a claim, even if it wasn’t against someone whom they knew personally. We approach these clients by explaining to them that they were injured as the result of someone else’s actions or negligence, and that it is unfair that they have had to suffer negative consequences of the accident and injuries. We also explain that by filing a claim, they are not reaching into the pockets of the at-fault person individually, but seeking compensation through the insurance company. Individuals and companies have insurance to protect themselves against these exact situations.

We tell the client that if they want justice or want to make themselves whole again to the greatest extent possible, then filing a claim is what they need to do. We remind them that filing a claim is not personal, and will not result in the individual or company going bankrupt. Explaining the situation from this perspective allows injured clients to better understand the process and get a bird’s eye view of the situation.

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